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Best Customer Service Software For Small Businesses

Creating, maintaining and enhancing profitable customer relationships is key to long-term success for any business. Customer service software can help you automate some of the tedious tasks to ensure reliable support from your end, which means more happy customers for you. Freshdesk is an award-winning customer service management software that helps you exceed customer expectations by offering multi-channel support, ticketing, self-service portals, gamification and more. * High customisability * Integrates with 60+ apps * Offers support in multiple languages and time zones * Email to Ticket conversion * Multi-product/multi-brand support * Leaderboard and gamification * Automations * Satisfaction surveys * Idea management and voting * Insights Sprout: Free Blossom: £11/month per agent Garden: £21/month per agent Estate: £35/month per agent Forest: £85/month per agent. Zoho

Desk is a comprehensive customer support solution for small businesses, which lets you offer timely support, increase productivity with analytics and reports, and automate tasks to ensure quick responses. * Improve support with insights * Multi-channel help desk * End-to-end ticket management * ZIA – AI customer support feature * Call centre and social support * Agent productivity * Insights and impact Free: £0 for up to 3 agents Professional: £10/month per agent Enterprise: £20/month per agent Zendesk is a suite of support apps for all kinds of businesses, and offers flexible pricing plans tailored to suit your needs. The software consolidates all customer interactions on a single dashboard for easy viewing and * Intelligent support with AI-powered bot * End-to-end support * Live

chat and messaging * Call centre software * Sales force automation Support: Annual plans from £5-£149/month per agent Zendesk Suite: Starting at £75/month per seat For every aspect of your business, there is a platform or software out there to help you manage it more effectively. We recommend signing up for free trials and getting a hands-on experience before you purchase a paid plan. Keep in mind that you should only pay for the features you’ll actually use! Photo by Mia Baker, published on Unsplash 9 Small Business Software Tools You Should Consider Using Innovation is alive and well. With new technologies emerging daily we’re able to constantly engage with the latest and greatest software tools for nearly everything. As a small business owner

it’s really tough to know which solutions are right for your business. Especially when the budget is tight. Luckily for you, there are plenty of affordable solutions that can extremely beneficial to your business.

* If you can find a good IT supplier, you can build a strong relationship, allowing them to really understand your business and deliver the services you need. * Outsourcing your support and maintenance will allow you to focus on your business, rather than day-to-day IT system management. * Although costs can be high, the consequences of system failure can be worse. * Larger businesses may benefit from in-house support. An IT specialist can deal with routine enquiries and maintenance, provide advice and anticipate problems, as well as taking action in case of system failure. Startup business, software developers working on computer Funding a Software

Startup Launching a startup software company is like legal gambling: The stakes are high, the odds are against you, but with persistence and good luck, you could strike it rich. But as the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money, and software startups can burn through cash like a brush fire through Silicon Valley. So the trick is to find enough capital to fund your startup until it can sustain itself with customer revenue, without giving up too much ownership and control to your investors. There are four main sources of capital to fund a startup software company: yourself, friends &

family, angel investors, and venture capitalists. During my 25 years of software entrepreneurship, I have used each of these sources to fund my six software companies, to varying degrees of success. But none of these options are bad, and I would consider any of these funding sources again, depending on the situation. One lesson is clear: the more you take from others, the more you have to give in return. Following are the pros and cons of the main sources of software company funding:

Our ranking was created with small businesses in mind. So, basically, if you just want a decent and affordable email solution that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, I’d recommend MailerLite. If, on the other hand, you want a CRM and are also keen on getting your automation close to perfection, check out ActiveCampaign. Of course, that means spending a little more, but hey, with all that automation you’ll either increase your sales or save time that you can invest elsewhere.


Grasshopper Best Overall Virtual Phone Service For Small Businesses

Gusto Best Overall Payroll Service For Small Businesses

We recommend Gusto payroll for any small business—fewer than 100 employees. It’s a low-cost online payroll software service and offers benefits too. It’s best for employers who want a one-size-fits-all payroll option, which offers nearly everything a small business needs, from electronic new hire documents and health insurance to employee self-service, and quick payroll processing. Gusto’s pricing is based on three levels of service (Core, Complete, and Concierge). It is, comparatively, very straightforward and affordable compared to some of the bigger names in the payroll industry (ADP and its competitors). Gusto’s regular rate is at $39 base fee per month + $6 per employee monthly. If you have 10 employees, it would cost $1,188 per year for all the requisite payroll features. That’s less than $120 per employee, per

year. No upcharges mean you can plan and stick to your payroll budget.


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